Displayed below is an Aerial View of The Quays Shopping Centre Newry. By looking at the photo and using the colour key you can easily identify the three development phases at The Quays Shopping Centre. Phase 1 – The Quays Shopping Centre is the main building within The Quays Complex. Refurbished in 2004, Phase 1 now includes an 85,000 sq ft Debenhams store, a Sainsbury’s superstore and the main Shopping Centre with an impressive tenant line up. Click here for more details on Phase 1 – The Quays Shopping Centre Newry Northern Ireland.   Phase 2 was completed in 2003 and includes Spur Steak & Grill as well as an O\’Neill\’s superstore. Click here for more details on Phase 2. Phase 3 – Drumalane Mill is the recently refurbished Drumalane Mill. The building consists of 4 floors which includes FPM Chartered Accountancy on the top floor and Xtravision and Deli Lites on the ground floor. Click here for more details on Phase 3 – Drumalane Mill.