Gift Card


The Quays Christmas Saving Club

Want to ensure you have Christmas covered? Hoping to treat someone special to the perfect gift? Why not set up a Christmas Savings Club at The Quays Shopping Centre, Newry.   Clubs are easy to set up and you can (or why not ask others) to deposit funds online.

Simply visit The Quays Customer Services Desk, create a club and then start making contributions…it’s as easy as that.  You can also customise your pages online adding your own description, a photo and even set a target of what you hope to achieve.

So get saving and sign up now!

How does it work? 

1 – Create your savings club by visiting The Quays Customer Services Desk to register.

2 – Deposit a minimum of £5.00 into the club in order to activate your account.  Whilst activation takes place you are still able to deposit funds however you cannot redeem.

3 – When you have reached your savings goal simply redeem your balance in centre, in the form of a giftcard to spend at The Quays, Newry.

PLEASE NOTE:  Terms & Conditions Apply.  Must be 18 or over.  ID is required to set up your club account and to redeem your balance.

For further information visit The Quays Customer Services Desk.