Top Bar travel planWe recognise that travel is an integral part of the overall experience of visiting and working at The Quays Complex.

In 2010 we established The Quays Workplace Travel Plan to encourage staff and visitors alike to travel by sustainable modes to and from the site.

The implementation of the plan will ultimately reduce single car occupancy trips.   It is a five year initiative which will be reviewed on a regular basis. We have already invested in a wide range of sustainable travel initiatives including Bike Week, Cycle2Work Scheme and Car Sharing.  We have introduced paid parking to discourage all day parking and to free up capacity, where needed.  These measures are proving to be a great success.  The Travel Plan is helping to make The Quays more accessible, to more people, through more travel options.

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Information Bulletins



travel plan one

The Launch of The Quays Workplace Travel Plan with Dr Gerard O’Hare CBE DL, Colleen Savage, The Quays Travel Plan Co-Ordinator and representatives from Travelwise NI and Atkins

travel plan two

Walking to Work